Is your home ready for winter?

26 May 2023 | Investment

As we enter those colder months of the year, the main question is how do you make sure you’re ready for that cold in the air? In Victoria, we’re used to the chilly morning and cold snaps but have we made sure our homes are ready for winter? By taking the time to upgrade your home, you’ll ward off those winter blues by staying cosy and warm inside. We know, there’s nothing wrong with staying in your warm bed all day, rugged up with a blanket and a hot chocolate, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space to be better prepared for those quintessentially Melbourne frosty days. 


Of course, the first stop is your heating. Evaluate your heating options – is it time for an upgrade? Whilst it can be tempting to opt for heating solutions that offer lower up-front costs, it’s important to consider the long-term efficiency, as some quick fixes can be more costly to run over time. Do your research, then keep an eye on those end-of financial year sales, and you may even find a bargain! If you don’t have the luxury of an indoor fireplace, why not an outdoor fire pit? Host a cosy evening from your backyard in front of the fire (marshmallows mandatory!). 


Now you’ve updated your heating, don’t let it go to waste! Although there is more talk about building a home to be passive, unfortunately not many are designed that way just yet. When choosing curtains, opt for thicker fabrics such as velvet or suede, or even thermal curtains, that are specifically designed with fabrics to reduce heat transfer through them. Be sure to get a size that reduces gaps and drops to the floor, this will help keep the heat in and your energy bills down.

Ceiling Fans

If you’ve got them, it sounds an obvious one, but don’t forget to change the setting, so that your fan goes in reverse cycle. As warm air generated by your heating system naturally rises, your ceiling fan will push the warm air back down to a comfortable level, keeping the heat where you need it!


In winter, decorating with layers isn’t just stylish, it’s functional too. Adding a throw rug and some cushions to your home creates an inviting space with easy options to rug up and stay warm. This can be taken from your bedroom, for those colder nights in bed, right through to your living space for when you want to keep warm whilst watching your favourite movie. Extra points if you can get your layering decor to match your cosiest slippers, too!


With winter comes less daylight so even when the sun is out it can be covered by clouds. Although it may look gloomy outside, be sure to spend time making sure your lights still create a bright and welcoming space. There are layers to lighting too, consider what’s decorative, ambient and overhead lighting in your space. And when that sun is out, be sure even in winter to open the curtains and let the natural light in, believe it or not, it will help to warm your house so long as you remember to close everything up in time for the sun to set again.


In summer it might not feel necessary but in winter, consider covering up the cold flooring with rugs. Hardwood floors often don’t hold any heat and are cold on your feet, so invest in a good rug. If your flooring is dark, a light-coloured rug can help keep your space bright and welcoming. 

At MPG, we’re well versed in hacks to keep a home warm, in a stylish way, because it can really make all the difference to a great open home when these elements are considered. We’re always ready to share tips and tricks with you when it comes to home styling, so be sure to get in touch with our friendly team for more.