Being a standalone agency requires a ton of smart thinking, energy and enthusiasm. Our difference is how we use this to our advantage.

Meadows Property Group is a full-service agency offering expertise across four business service pillars: project marketing, sales, property management and Owners Corporation.

Our four pillars are grounded in one simple focus: relationships.

A rich backstory

Our agency has been in operation for OVER 30 years, under the facilitation of skilled real estate agent, developer and astute project marketer Greg Meadows.

By fusing our rich heritage with a contemporary outlook, our business has evolved with the marketplace to allow us to become Melbourne’s leading agency in managing, buying and selling.

Meadows have brought a level of expertise and experience to the design table that has proven to be invaluable.

Kane J Devitt, Director
L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd

The Team

Our team consists of highly-skilled sales, project marketing and property management experts. Unlike some agencies, we also have an in-house marketing department that offers tailored campaigns to suit each budget, property, project and client.

Meet the team